Government Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi For Drug People

Shanti Ratn foundation is government nasha mukti Kendra in delhi our organisation offering the services of de addiction to make delhi a drug and alcohol addiction free nation. The best de addiction centre in delhi bring positive changes in the life of he/she who under some unfavorable moment circumstances have become victims of alcohol drug solution or any other substances abuse people.

We are know that any de addiction is not just a physical health problem but also an emotional psychological and mental problem solving and give a healthy life. Our comprehensive therapy and makes sure that all aspect are deal with and the addict patient nation gets the best treatment for addiction solution here you will get at Rama Rehab foundation nasha mukti kendra. Our team members make sure that ambience for our best de addiction centre in delhi noida, gurgaon is equipped with all available sports and entertainment facilities to reduce the stressing of our during the therapy session able.

Besides yoga and meditation halls we also caring patient help to healthy life here available for entertainment badminton, basketball, music classes, and a lot of indoor and outdoor games. how makes us and help provide the best comprehensive treatment at the best nasha mukti kendra in Delhi is the vocation training facilities and classes to enable the client to gaining self — respect and dignity at the end of the therapy solution. The treatment comprises 24 steps recommended by the world health organisation for alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre.

During the therapy and physical and mental health of the patient is monitored by the professionalism. We help the patients to gain control over thought get motivation and also get emotional support for family members and society we organise counselling sessions nasha mukti society. The outreach program of the best de addiction centre in Delhi gives support to our clients to prevent any chances of relapse of addiction issue. The client is never allowed to feel alone without anyone to fall back on.

Which has deeply involved in the national campaign organise of nasha mukti centre in last 17 years. It is our privilege to inform that our full efforts and makes our nation free all types of de addict still spreading all over Delhi, gurgaon noida with total solution. Till now about half millions following their of drug/alcohol/nicotine addicted people are who know benefited with our efforts give to patient. They have not only saved their life we have save their family and give better social life. We are using first medicine in the field of De-Addiction category, Nasha Mukti for healthy life, since then it has been receiving by all need hands in delhi & the neighboring city as well gurgaon, noida. We are found and wanting in moral duty, if do not mention so many words, the campaign of Nasha Mukti kendra in Delhi & abroad would not have been possible to give healthy smile, happiness & care to more than half million of people & their families.

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