Today, about half of California’s greenhouse gas emissions and toxic air pollution come from carbon-powered transportation. Air pollution, whether from vehicle emissions or industrial emissions, kills 5 million people around the world annually. This past year, California suffered through an unprecedented number of wildfires. At one point in 2020, San Francisco recorded the worst air quality in the world. These issues that we are facing today — not some distant future — are a direct result of climate change and a stark reminder that urgent action is needed to build a future free of CO2 emissions.

Today, I am glad…

Cruise’s 100% all-electric AV fleet

Today, the California DMV published the 2020 Disengagement Reports for the AV industry. Once again we are very proud of our progress, as our rate dropped to half of what it was in 2019. For all of 2020, we averaged only one reportable disengagement per 28,520 miles. For the second half of 2020, we improved to more than 60,000 miles between reportable disengagement. And in the final three months of the year, we had zero reportable disengagements, a 10x improvement over the same period a year before.

At the heart of these reports is one very simple stat — the…

“We’re excited to partner with Cruise to make sure we’re doing all we can to make our streets, sidewalks, and bikeways safe for everyone. “We all need to step up to prioritize safety, including government at all levels and the private sector.”

— Leah Shahum, of the Vision Zero Network.

San Francisco — like more than 45 cities across the nation — has an ambitious goal: eliminating traffic fatalities and severe injuries within the next four years. But how do we get there? Every day across the U.S., it is estimated that more than 100 people will die due to…

At the very beginning of this year — before 2020 became “2020” — we revealed the Cruise Origin. The Origin is our self-driving, all-electric, shared vehicle of the future. We believe it’s not just the future of our company, but the future of transportation.

The unveiling in January was an optimistic vision for an optimistic new year.

But just as the conversation started, it was shut down, along with most of the world. COVID-19 changed everything, including the way many people think about shared vehicles. Sharing anything, it now feels, is a threat to our health.

And yet the Origin…

We’ve redeployed our all-electric, self-driving fleet to serve some of San Francisco’s most vulnerable communities.

The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on San Francisco has been profound. When we saw the enormous toll this crisis was having across our hometown, we asked ourselves, “What can we do to help and how can we do so safely?”

A rise in food insecurity was one of the first indicators of the breadth and depth of the crisis. In March, a few short weeks into Shelter in Place, we heard from neighborhood food banks about how they were struggling with unprecedented demand. …

In the United States alone, nearly 40,000 Americans die in car crashes every year. But the tragedy of that figure is what the majority of those crashes have in common: human error.

At Cruise, we are working to challenge this status quo. Our vision is to develop an all-electric, self-driving, purpose-built transportation service that is safer for not just people, but also the planet. In doing so, we strive to develop self-driving technology with superhuman levels of performance and safety.

A headshot of Dr. Louise Zhang, Cruise’s new VP of Product Safety.
A headshot of Dr. Louise Zhang, Cruise’s new VP of Product Safety.
Dr. Louise Zhang, Cruise’s new VP of Product Safety.

In pursuit of our mission, safety is paramount in everything we do, including how we build our leadership team. Last…

Dear community,

Here we are. It would have been impossible to imagine just a month ago how drastically all of our lives would change. Given the circumstances, I thought I would share with you how Cruise is navigating this unprecedented health and economic crisis and how we are trying to do our part, however small that may be, to support our fellow Cruisers and our community.

Standing with San Francisco during COVID-19

As a San Francisco-based company, in line with initial guidance from Mayor London Breed and her team of public health officials, Cruise has currently suspended its on road testing operations.

While our fleet of…

Robert Grant

Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Social Impact

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