Fig 1: Hitchhiking the Galaxy, from pixabay

To: “Heart of Gold Team”

From: “F Prefect CSM, PSM”

Re: New-ish Team Members

Dear Team,

We’ve been doing very well over the last 6 months. Ever since we updated our Social Contract to agree to visualise all our work (anything that takes longer than an hour now has a ticket of some sort) we’ve improved our Transparency and, with it, our ability to Inspect and Adapt. Well done to all.

However, I can’t help feeling that we are not taking a full systems-approach to visualising work. There is a whole load of other work happening daily that we’re accountable…

Figure 1. A trace into space

Defining the terms: In the beginning…

In the beginning, there was a point. Being a singular point, it was all there was. It was the alpha and the omega and it was good.

Then both space and time started in a fashion that became the model beloved by marketing and poor project managers forever after — they were delivered with a Big Bang. Now it was possible to move a distance in space over a period of time. This change in position with respect to time was called Velocity. It too, was good.

Having discovered movement with direction, things now sought to change their velocity over…

Fig. 1: Morpheus speaks with Neo, from [4]

As a former Product Owner, I know that much of the Herculean effort this role can require is worthy script material for an Action-Adventure movie. However, to date, it doesn’t appear that Scrum Product Owner — The Movie yet exists. However, there have been several attempts at portraying an exemplary Product Owner in popular movies. Candidates include “Goose” from Top Gun [1] and “Connor” from Highlander [2]. But could the best example of a Product Owner, as defined by the Scrum Guide [3], be “Morpheus” from the Matrix Movies? Read on to decide.

Warning: for those that haven’t seen The…

The Scrum Guide says, “The essence of Scrum is a small team of people.” [1]. Within this team that includes the Product Owner and Scrum Master is a second team, The Development Team. In sizing this second team, the Guide recommends that between 3 and 9 members may be useful as long as they are “small enough to remain nimble and large enough to complete significant work within a Sprint” [1].

In Agile Product OwnerShip in a Nutshell [2], Henrik Kniberg describes how the flow of work for Agile teams, including Scrum teams. …

Rob Healy

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