I’m writing this for the first time because I was interested in sharing my stories with others! Being a former military veteran and injured in Afghanistan. I’ve gone through great changes and have figured out some strategies of life.

Beginning to breathe again. In the beginning of our life we breathe our first breath and when we leave this world we Exhale our last breath. During my journey of life I’m getting to breathe again. Having sustain several life changing events and experiencing death twice. Having a second or third chance at life is a gift. So I have excepted these gifts and in return I will be giving the public my gifts or what I like to call them gummy bears or treats of life. Why do we get a second chance or even a third or fourth chance. It’s because we have work to do.

Having been diagnosed with PTSD several times. I had to figure out a way to figure out life and to take these anxieties and triggers to use them as a benefit instead of a Stumbling block. What I’m about to share are some of my secret ingredients or gummy bears as I like to call them to figure this life out.

I was stuck in a hole and finding no way to get out. So while in my dark space I found little glimmering hints of light. My sources of light and my life would be darkened by alcohol and prescription drug abuse. I wanted a way out. I wanted to escape myself. I wanted to be Numb I didn’t want to feel again. But I didn’t like the way I would feel in these dark places I wanted to feel something real with energy to revitalize my life again. I knew in my heart that by numbing myself with alcohol and drugs was a quick fix that lead to darkness. I knew there had to be a better way.

One of the first things I did to change my way of thinking and the way I feel. Was to start a new way of eating and thinking. I began eating strictly organic fruits, vegetables and clean meat. Also I would stay away from the alcohol and drink a lot of clean purified water. And this led to developing a juicing program and healthy smoothies. And just by being conscious of what I’m putting into my body. By doing this I was regenerating my body, getting healthy again starting to think clearly. This is just some of some of those secret gummy bears that help transform my life in a new direction. But that was just the first step in the long process of becoming human again! Just start with the beginning foundations and see how you feel physically and mentally. Stay tuned for more of how to become human again. I’ll be back for more vital information soon. As this is my first blog of many to come.