Almost There


As we head into 2019 I think we all have to accept that this year is going to be one of the most crucially important years in recent times.

As I write it seems quite clear that there will be significant political upheaval in Washington this year with the newly strengthened Democrats talking about Impeachment, and there will be the resulting huge pressure on the President, and one thing is for sure and that is that the President won’t go down without a huge and almost certainly bloody fight. And tonight the horror continues with a speech from him in which he could say almost anything.

Here in the UK we are in the most confusing political mess that I can remember. MP’s on all sides are split on the EU withdrawal situation, and the Second Referendum issue, and weekly the whole thing gets murkier. No strong characters have emerged on either side that the people can relate to and trust and get behind, and we are floating on a broiling sea of uncertainty.

Mrs May is unlikely to get her EU deal through Parliament next week, and the EU say that they have finished negotiating, there is nowhere else for them to go now and it’s take it or leave it time on the deal that is being offered.

The Government is now doing dry runs and trying to ascertain what a no-deal Brexit is going to mean by paying huge sums to lorry drivers to queue up on motorways as if they were hoping to cross the Channel post-Brexit. Weird.

So if Theresa May does lose the vote next week who knows what direction she will then go in. And not only are our politicians divided over the issue, but the population is too and the whole thing is just a complete mess. This is unfortunately the most important issue facing the country since 1939 and we seem almost completely unable to see some sort of clear path to do the right thing.

The whole world is threatened by Climate Change and I have said enough about that already.

Here in the UK the Government’s new Universal Credit scheme is having huge problems and Food Banks are being used more every week, and general social unease is getting more and more obvious. I don’t believe that we are likely to put on yellow vests and set fire to vehicles and businesses as the French are doing, but there is certainly huge dissatisfaction in the way the government is handling things, and the opposition, the Labour party, seem so unenamoured with their own leadership that they are too scared to force a confrontation with the government for fear of losing.

The future world is daily being changed by advances in technology that could leave huge swathes of the working population absolutely useless, and this could happen in the fairly near future. This is going to cause huge pressure on a system that is already creaking.

So it’s difficult to find something to be happy and confident about for the future. I don’t know if we will actually leave the EU, our Prime Minister seems determined to carry it through, although the best case I have heard for remaining in the EU is from Theresa May herself in a speech she made prior to the referendum in June 2016, before the world went mad.

Personally I am going to take a break for a while as this 30 day thing has taken it out of me a bit, and although I feel it has been worthwhile I would hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.

Since I’ve been on Medium which is around 4 months, my main theme has been humour and in fact I’ve been Top Writer in Humour, Satire and Short Story for some time now but in order to get a sufficient amount of stuff down to keep up the 30 day thing I’ve published quite a lot of stuff that has not been humorous and that has not really been successful. There are a lot of people here on Medium ranting on about topics of the day, and you really have to have something unique to say, and to say it in a different kind of way to get much attention.

I think it is of inestimable value to publish within a Publication and my most successful stuff has been published that way, but very few Publications publish immediately, certainly not the same day, in fact some of them can take a week before they even look at your submission, and so if you want to Publish every day then you have to Publish yourself and that definitely doesn’t bring you the largest number of views and reads.

I also have some reservations about the best times to Publish something. I have no idea what time of day there are the greatest number of people reading on Medium, and of course we’re all in different time zones so there is no one-size-fits-all for this.

I suppose if you Publish an article in the middle of the night it is going to drop down the lists fairly quickly and within a few hours it will disappear from the page altogether and therefore will not come up near the top of the ’latest stories’ and so not have much chance of getting seen. I don’t know about this at all, but I’m sure someone has done some research on it and it must be available somewhere.

Last day tomorrow and I will close with a short analysis of my 30 days and then I may have a long sleep.