Evidence of Climate Change and What We Can Do.

In this article I will start with some evidence of climate change, and then talk about what we as individuals can do to help control climate change.

Let’s spend a few minutes high lighting some of the evidence of climate change. The Antarctica and Greenland areas are experiencing a loss of two-hundred eighty-six billion tons of ice per year. In the northern hemisphere we have had reduced snow cover for the last five decades. The global sea levels have risen by eight inches. Extreme weather events like flooding, tornadoes, and hurricanes are becoming more frequent. The oceans acidity has increased by thirty percent. The oceans upper twenty-three hundred feet has risen in temperature by 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the earth has risen by one point six-two degrees due to the increase in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. The five warmest years on record have all taken place since 2010. The current warming trend on earth is ten times greater than past warming trends seen at the end of an ice age. Scientists have been tracking a glacial retreat in the Himalayan mountains. There has been an increase in the intensity and number of wild fires in the United States. The capital city of Indonesia is being moved because it was sinking do to the rise in sea levels. There is an alarming sixty percent drop in our wild life population in the last forty years. The carbon emissions have been increasing on our planet since 2011. The tropical forests are being destroyed by humanities building. Scientists estimate that there is a ninety-five percent chance that climate change is due to human activity.

Now that we have discussed some of the evidence of climate change, lets discuss some of the thing’s scientists say we can do to help fix the problem. Instead of driving cars all the time we can use public transportation. For those who insist on driving we can switch our combustion engines for something more environmentally friendly like electric or hybrid cars. We can encourage every nation to invest in renewable energy sources like wind mills and solar power. We can encourage legislation which moves us away from fossil fuels. Around our homes we can use energy efficient light bulbs. We can wash are clothes in cold water instead of hot water. and reuse and recycle around the house. We can grow our own foods in gardens. and use less heat and air conditioning. When we grocery shop we can use reusable shopping bags, and we can drink tap water instead of bottled water.

Climate change is one of the most serious issue of our time. The evidence that we are damaging our planet is available for everyone to read on the world wide web. We as individuals need to hold our politicians accountable and demand changes that protect our planet for future generations.

Article Sources

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Photo by Mark Harpur: Found on Unsplash.

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