6 Feet Under. Or Over.

Playground or Graveyard

Osama Bin Laden’s last compound area may be turned in to one of these two disparate entities — a playground or a graveyard. A spot for kids to revel or a plot for the dead to be buried.

Imagine making that choice.

One would naturally think that bringing joy to children, providing an active, running, jumping, sliding site would be the hands-down winner. But maybe not.

Maybe the thinking is instead that a graveyard is most appropriate to what happened here when the world’s most wanted was shot down.

To have some decorum, reverence and awe for the act.

To never forget.

Or, worse, to avoid group gatherings for additional martyrdom.

That last possibility is what’s most tragic, and hauntingly real, in our world today. So it makes the obvious choice in this instance, for life, and youth, and play, not so obvious after all.

Would that it weren’t so.