Leadership is about leading by example and people wanting to follow you, not being forced to follow you. Fear of failure and fear of being yourself are toxic constraints in any collaborative endeavour and certainly in a modern organisation.

In today’s highly complex and rapidly evolving world, we need to fail-fast and fail-safe. People cannot be expected to do that if they fear being “caught out” by their boss or peers. They need people around them that will “catch them” when they fail or stumble. Not only does that make for a truly empowering and engaging workplace, it means we all learn and grow together.

The cat that spilt the paint – Context is Everything

Around the time of writing this, (Feb 2019) a tree surgeon broke my bathroom window when pruning a tree in my garden. So I contacted a local glazier company and a glazier was sent to measure up and provide a…

Rob Aston

The Perspective Coach— helping people and teams find the most helpful perspectives (aka Zoomologist)

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