Capitalism and Communism: How about neither?
Paulina Baluck

As always, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this, and I agree that neither is completely agreeable. We have different reasons for this, but we arrive at the same place. I feel that Capitalism doesn’t necessarily encourage people to work hard, so much as it encourages those in control of production to figure out how to manipulate the workers into believing that the harder they work the more they can achieve, when all is feeding their bottom line. Now I know this is not across the board, but I do believe that this has become the case in far too many industries. I don’t feel like the ones in control of the production are working as hard as the ones actually working the production jobs, and yet with the stark inequalities in their pay, I don’t feel like the system is structured to reward the hard work necessarily as you pointed to. Again, I know every system is open to exploitation and can be worked to produce inequality, but I feel Capitalism, which will always rely on an underclass to exploit is far more ripe for this than some others might be. Again, thanks for the always thought provoking posts.