Unit 6
Liz Norwood

Hey Liz, I thought it was funny that you brought up the treadmill vehicle, as I had seen this a year or so ago and it immediately came to mind when reading your post. Though it may not quite be the full-on vehicle you imagined or proposed, I do believe it is a step in the right direction. Bad pun, aside.

I also like that you discussed education, an area I had not touched on in my post. Though we see this differently, I appreciate your take. I do not think that the influence has been so positive with regards to the McEducation of the U.S., but that’s because I think we see this expressed in different ways from the education system.

Since the video you link to mentions standardized testing (and more), I thought that would be a good jumping off point. I see this influence in producing the environment of standardized testing, which many have argued for years is a bad thing, that is actually hurting our educational system and its participants (in the forms of teachers and students) not making them better or more learned/prepared (source, source, source).

I also see this in misdirected efforts to focus on numbers, with regards to enrollment, without equal energy and resources directed at ensuring retention. And then it very much becomes about quantity over quality, as class sizes expand beyond reasonable limits and students get lost in the chaos.

You really have a thought provoking post, thanks for that!

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