We’re very excited to push v1 into the wild, which marks the first major release of SuperScript! In this version, we’ve focused mainly on cleaning up the codebase, narrowing the scope, ensuring extensibility, and squeezing performance out of the runtime to ensure that your bots are nice and snappy.

An overview of the big changes include:

  • Parsing is now lightning fast. We’re looking at over 100x faster. 🔥
  • Replying is faster too, by over 10x. These two improvements are mainly thanks to some new logic in the normalization step, which is now supported by the bot-lang repo.
  • More reliable trigger matching and reply exhaustion. …

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In the wake of the announcement that Nodejitsu is closing their doors, now seems like a good a time as any to evaluate if we still need to keep that site running and if we need compute at all.

At Chloi Inc. We have been huge advocates of static sites and finding new ways to extend what can be done with web tech. This was the motivation behind Harp Web Server and previous projects like PhoneGap.

Static sites are really a re-imagining for what was done with PHP sites 8 years ago. All the benefits of partials, ans dynamic content still works, and static sites are typically much faster than and easier to maintain. …

Where do I begin, lets start with some numbers. Since my last article in December, there has been 114 commits / 9,912 ++ / 6,078. There has been a lot of activity, and I want to highlight some of the key changes between version 0.2.0 and 0.6.0.

New Topic System

Over the Christmas holiday I set out to see what the key differentiator at 2014 Loebner contest was, and what set AIML chatterbots apart from ChatScript chatterbots. All signs pointed to how the conversation flowed within the topic system, and how the bot was able to recover when the conversation drifted off topic.

Prior to 0.2.0 …


Rob Ellis

Bot enthusiast working on SuperScript, open source and at Slack. Making the Web better.

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