All Along the Watchtower

Its edifice, tall and gray, like Babel reaching toward the heavens.

It reaches above the clouds completely.

Please, listen to the crushing weight of the dramatic
irony they don’t know about yet,
and watch and feel the eclipse of the sun behind the tower.

Taste the poison running up your nose,
given t o you byGene Wilder and his likes in the dark halls of his laboratory,
but probably his infamous factory.

It floats down softly and slowly at first, ravaging all,
until you have to be your own hapshaw abercrombie.

It’s all going south from here on out; it’ll probably get warmer.

/there must be some kind of way out of here, said the joker
to the thief/

The black cascade of vocal tremors turning us into Hyde,
while blue skies left us with nothing to do.

I snatched those tales on the way down and locked them
in the top.

Scotty was on the scene, as always, trying to clean up.

Tomorrow the world will end for one.

Rapunzel’s deadly hair killed another one once again,
poised to strike, if only given the chance.

Gli alberi parlano. Even the trees speak.

The thorns laugh in delight as the you join the impaled,
The watchtower ever standing, releasing its knowledge.

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