December, Ever Ago

All your flaws gone. Covered in the night. Covered in everything. Covered all at once. My eyes heavy in the December dusk try in vain to see anything past the window pane. The nights fall earlier these days.

For all that its worth, you were worth it in the end.

The cabin we once knew, forested from the outside world, will be my salvage. The lake will overflow to flood all we’ve ever known. Break walls, sever frames. Burn the bed, save what’s left. I’ll face the wind on my own, and fill my head with wishes and charms that were never granted while the thunder shakes my chest, and is put into my arms. I will leave nothing to my side. Varnish all the blows you have left me with, I will tear the fear from my bones that you lost long ago.

For all that its worth, I would lapse and fall again.

With frozen feet, and frozen eyes, I will move. My lungs are cold. I can feel frost creeping down my throat and into them, binding them, making its way to a golden heart. This storm that has come through has proven to me what I have been.

For all that its worth, I would’ve loved you until the end.

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