How I Built and Launched Squawk in 14 Hours

The Story of Squawk | A Tweet to Video Service

Rob Moore
Rob Moore
Aug 5 · 2 min read

The Product Idea

9:15 AM

The idea for Squawk was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuck’s Instagram. I saw him re-post one of his Tweets as a video like this:

Think what you want of Gary V., but his social media strategies have always been great. In particular, by turning a Tweet into a video he can:

  1. Repurpose his Twitter content. He puts out a ton of posts on Instagram and Twitter every day. This is an excellent way to re-use existing content and bringing it to new faces.
  2. Drive people to his Twitter. People are much (12x) more likely to follow you on Twitter if they already follow you on Instagram or Facebook. This is a not-to-subtle reminder to people to go look him up on Twitter.

A tweet-to-video tool is also a big value add for content aggregators. For example, meme pages on Facebook and Instagram often just post screenshots of Tweets, but videos outperform images by a solid margin and could be used as a replacement.

The Product Implementation

High Level Overview

I wrote the core code of Squawk as a NodeJS script and launched it on AWS Lambda so that I don’t have to worry about scaling up or down. I connected my Lambda API to Floom so that I don’t have to deal with user authentication and customer billing. The marketing site is built and hosted with Webflow. Now to dig into the fun details…

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Closing Remarks

I hope you enjoyed this write-up! Here’s Squawk live.

And if you have a similar story to tell, email me at for an interview.

Or if you have a product idea and you think it can be developed in two days or less, let me know. I want to help people get their products off the ground.

Rob Moore

Written by

Rob Moore

Recent Oxford grad. Founder of Floom.

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