Amazon FBA Tips for Beginners with Tamara Tee

Tamara Tee from Amazon FBA winners talks about Amazon FBA tips and what you should do and not do when getting started selling on Amazon for beginners. Tamara Tee talks about her journey to start selling on Amazon FBA and how she lost $15k selling on Shopify with her first product.

She will also cover how she got started on YouTube, getting started on Amazon with no money, tips for beginners getting started on Amazon, Amazon PPC strategy, and Amazon product research to find that first product to sell.

3:05 — Worst Beginner Mistakes Starting Your Online Business & Amazon FBA 2019 (HOW I LOST $15,000!) (

9:07 — How To Sell On Amazon FBA If You Have No Money (

13:36 — How to Ship to Amazon | Air And Sea Shipping Explained

20:21 — Nick Valke — Product Launch Strategy (

22:41 — Amazon Product Research (Step by Step Tutorial) (

32:23 — Why You Should Start An Online Business (Amazon FBA) (

35:16 — Why I Started Amazon FBA & YouTube (

37:03 — My First Amazon FBA Product REVEALED (Why I Failed) (

38:19 — Amazon FBA Products To Avoid Selling (

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Tamara Tee began her path of entrepreneurship and Amazon FBA in 2017 after she got laid off from her corporate job as an office assistant after working in that industry for 10 years. She grew a passion for ecommerce after she successfully profited $40,000 on eBay in just three months doing retail arbitrage. She knew at a very young age that she wanted to be her own boss and there was no better time than now.

After crossing paths with other successful Amazon FBA sellers, she decided to take on this business model full time. Tamara began coaching and mentoring other beginner sellers after she made close to $200,000 in sales in her first year selling on Amazon. As she grew her Amazon FBA business and brand, so did her product line. Tamara wanted to give back to the world and share her knowledge and experience by starting her own YouTube channel where it has grown to a large number of subscribers in a short period of time.

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