Listen to Any Book for Free. Slick Trick!

Try Free IOS Speak Screen with Page Turning

Recently I purchased a Kindle book and noticed that Audible offered a free audio version. But eventually I discovered it was not free and they had me signed up for a subscription. You know, those sneaky little leaks that gradually drain your bank account when you are not watching. Buyer Beware!

I complained about truth in advertising like Don Quixote, and they said they would provide a refund and I could keep the audio. Then the audio shut off and still no refund.

Now motivated to find an alternative solution, I discovered that on the iPad or iPhone, at least, there is a feature called Speak Screen. Let us know if you find a similar feature on Android. This Speak Screen feature will read any of your books in your choice of voice and speed. And it even turns the pages for you.

Here’s how to enable Speak Screen:

Open Settings and General->Accessibility->Speech->Speak Screen then Enable Speak Screen. Below, on the same screen, select a voice. Then use a two finger swipe down from the top within your Kindle or iBook App. No hidden subscription. It works elsewhere like on web pages, but I’ve only tested on Kindle so far. Works great!

So now you can buy my Rainhut Sci-Fi novel and listen to the audio for free :) Did I just find a way to lose money? Rainhut Kindle Novel

Speak Screen Player