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‘Last Days Lottery’

An 80 year old man (Harrison Ford), barely making by on social security with meager social life and no contact with his family, wins a $400 million Powerball jackpot. Using the first bit of money to pay for his grandson’s (American Crime Story’s Connor Jessup) tuition, he attempts to reconnect with his estranged family, who suddenly are interested in him (and his money).
Seeing the greed that becomes of this, he decides to use the money to create a legacy by blowing the money before he dies. He starts a research firm to try and solve the world’s problems through scientific research. He hires a young tech manger (Dirk Gently’s Jade Eschete) to head this up. In parallel, he sets up a foundation to right society’s wrongs, headed up by a naive idealist (Glee’s Harry Shum).

The show is an episodic tale of how he spends the money bit by bit, through funding inventions, charitable donations, or flat spending it on frivolous stuff with his grandson.

Network: CBS ($10)
Genre: Dramedy ($5)
Setting: Generic Workplace ($2)
Style: Single-camera ($3)
Talent: Harrison Ford ($5), Connor Jessup ($3), Jade Escehete ($3), Harry Schum ($3), 
Location: Houston ($4)
Miscellany: Involvement of tech billionaire ($2, taking a discount for not having a full billion)
Total: $40

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