The case for computers and creativity

Can computer generate a logo?

Computers aren’t creative. They can do calculations and that’s pretty much it. With tools like Machine learning, generating a logo is possible (let’s define logo here — logo in the article’s context is a vector graphic with visual aesthetic and symbolism) but it will be an extremely hard endeavor and the product will look like something it’s already seen. It can’t come up with a new idea, just a randomization of existing ones. It has to be supplied with thousands of logos, which have to be tagged and disassembled to their containing parts. Generating animal logo, embedding symbols, this can’t be done with the current technology. This is something human designers can do.

Gaucho Wine by brandcut.

This logo has the bull’s head and horns and a wine glass in the whitespace. Probably designated for a restaurant.

Recyle bottles by onesummer.

This is another interesting logo — bottles forming the recycling symbol. By learning context and meanings, making connections, a computer would be able to come with the colors, maybe the recycling symbol, but it would be near impossible adding bottles in such a way.

Existing logo generators

There are couple services offering generated logos, but they look bland and uninspired. Using such a logo has only one acceptable scenario — if you’re searching for inspiration or are going for a text-based logo. Otherwise you’re better off using services like 99designs or other freelancer network.


If you want a creative logo — look for human designers or create it yourself. It can always be changed later (or improved, redesigned, etc.). For text logos, there are services on the internet with various prices — simple Google search for “logo generator” will show them all on the first page.


I’m not associated with any service, I was doing a research if logo generation is possible and looking for the existing solutions.