Etheremon — The Biggest Cryptogame on Earth?

Etheremon is a cryptogame which predominanly takes place on the Ethereum blockchain and it is awesome — an amalgam of Pokemon meets crypto — it is a unique experience which is only going to get better!

But before I get into some of the reasons why, in true blog-esque style, check out my little disclaimer:


For those of you who have followed my Steemit posts from the get go — you may have noticed that I have predominantly produced content relating to projects I’m working on either directly or indirectly.

Whilst I love writing those articles, as indicated in my first ever Steemit post, I also want to share projects I’m very interested in that I have no affiliation with whatsoever; so here is one that I have no investment in other than that I am a ‘player’ of the game: Etheremon.

End disclaimer

From a young age I was always handicapped by a need to collect something: Football Stickers, Pogs, Lego, Action Men, Yo-Yos and so on; but it wasn’t until I was around 12 years old and had just started high school that I remember some dweeby looking dude dawdling into my form room (side note: this was a science lab and always oozed a gassy-acid stench — not relevant, but thought I’d share) clutching a deck of what can only be described as some kind of cards.

No prizes for guessing what these cards turned out to be — that’s right — Pokemon. He had one of the original Rock base sets and his prize asset was a Machamp. I was instantly overcome with nerd envy — I offered him a tenner (£10) on the spot — but he wouldn’t take it. Fast-forward twelve months and my collection consisted of all 150 base Pokemon — and my obsession spanned until late teens.

The Pokemon fad spread like a virus across Earth as the insatiable allure of running around as Ash Ketchum in Pokemon Red or Blue proved to be too irresistible for all! It’s safe in this knowledge that I’m almost certain that the anticipation of what’s to come for the Etheremon project will tickle your nerd-gasms into fantasia-frenzy-mode.

I know what some of you might be thinking: “yeah but every copy cat of Pokemon since then has been trash”. I feel you… I really do. Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh et al were merely (in my humble opinion) poor doppelgangers. But Etheremon is different. And I’m going to tell you a few reasons why.

I was first alerted to Etheremon as a result of their partnership with Decentraland (you can check out one of my other posts about Decentraland here) and was mildly intrigued, but possibly like some other people out there, I wrongly dismissed it as a yet another poor Pokemon imitation.

However, I couldn’t resist my aforementioned need to collect all things bright and beautiful and thus decided to check it out.

Wow — I was quickly drawn in… Here’s the reasons why I believe in Etheremon (in no particular order).

Reasons Etheremon is Awesome

  • Reason #1 — Decentraland Partnership

First of all I was super-impressed and encouraged about their partnership with Decentraland — a project I have strong faith in and personal projects in progress ongoing. The thought of my avatar running around a VR metaverse with my accompanying Etheremon was an instant desire that I needed to fulfil.

I remember being a youngster and saying to my mate whilst playing Pokemon on our old brick-style Game-Boys: “imagine being able to run around in real life catching Pokemon and doing battles — it would be the best thing ever”. Well this is pretty much that.

  • Reason #2 — Mon Quality

One of the other issues I always had with the Pokemon imitations was the quality of the “mons” or “monsters”. Digital Monsters or “Digimons” as it were, for me, all kind of just looked the same and lacked any real loving quality. Pokemon looked awesome, but they were also super-cute; and Etheremon have found that balance of providing a range of different mons including some super-cute ones.

This is probably partly as a result of a number of mons being designed by the community; essentially it is dudes and dudettes like me who always had that ‘Pokemon’ they wanted to create and insert in the Pokemon world but never could — now being given the chance to do so! Check out a couple of free cute Mon available to newcomers below:

(All images are rights of Etheremon)

  • Reason #3 — The Blockchain

Obviously, as you might expect, Etheremon exists on the Ethereum blockchain, so all contracts for purchasing or selling Mons are executed on the blockchain. Of course, you know like I do, everything blockchain is better than non-blockchain wink wink.

  • Reason #4 — The Etheremon Community

Since joining their Discord, there has never been any shortage of assistance on hand in the form of either A) a dev, B) an admin or C) a community member.

I’ve been genuinely overwhelmed by the sincerity and friendliness of members of the Etheremon community. When I first joined the Discord and asked questions about which Mons to go for first, one dude (he knows who he is) direct messaged me and offered to sell me some Mons cheaper than what they were on the community marketplace. I was instantly sceptical, understanding the amount of scammers there are in the crypto world. This dude, knowing me very little, sent me the Mons first before I paid him the ETH and gave me an amazing price too!

This is the nature of the Etheremon community and I’ve never heard of anybody being scammed!

Beyond this, the developers really listen to their community and actively respond to their feedback, in very few (if any) other crypto-projects have I noticed such active involvement with the community from the developers and creators.

  • Reason #5 — The Battle Dynamic

I have to be honest, right now the whole battle system is a little dull — your card hits another card on the Etheremon website and this is the extent of the levelling system.

That said, there is still something very addictive about it and you still obtain that sense of accomplishment when your Mon achieves its next level. I have still added this as a reason though, as no doubt that as Etheremon’s integration continues alongside Decentraland and the two go ‘live’, it will be a huge asset; I can’t wait to see how the battles will look in the VR metaverse.

This video shows a sneak peak of some of the first battles which are likely to take place in Decentraland.

Getting Started on Etheremon

Inevitably, there are still some teething issues, the project is in its infancy and you’ll have to forgive it some of its flaws. But if you can get passed them then I’m certain you, like many existing Monmasters, will still get great enjoyment and satiate that need to collect.

Furthermore, there are definitely more positives which I could list, however I don’t want to add too many spoilers. Get in the game and try it out! If you use my referral link here I believe we will both get a few EMONT (the in game currency currently used for purchasing energy to battle and other cool stuff).

You can start by getting three free starter Mons by using my link above and with Adventure mode about to start as well as how cheap Ethereum is right now there really is no better time to get started!

Thanks for reading and I hope I’ve intrigued you enough to try it out — if you do start playing and join Discord, please make sure you say “Hi” on Discord!


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