How To: Improve Your Company Culture

100% Guaranteed™

Want to fix your company’s culture?


Fix the shit.

It doesn’t matter how many ping-pong tables you have or how many times you take your team on a company outing to the ballpark. It doesn’t matter if you offer free treats in the office or drink beer in the afternoon.

If your culture is suffering, it is because something is wrong. Some manager is pissing everyone off. The team doesn’t know where the company is headed. There is a void of leadership. There is unresolved conflict.

An old coworker used to say:

You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

Most people don’t want to be miserable. Most people will make the best of a situation, regardless if it sucks. Most people, if trusted and treated with respect, will contribute to a healthy company culture.

If you want a healthy company culture, have a healthy company. The culture will take care of itself.

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