Trust & The Art of Toilet Bowl Wine

Much is written about the importance of trust in leadership and company culture. I couldn’t agree more.

But here is the thing about trust — if trust isn’t 100% trust, then it isn’t trust at all.

One Drop of Piss Spoils a Whole Barrel of Wine

Light is the opposite of darkness. Where there is light, there is no darkness.

Doubt is the opposite of trust. Where there is doubt, there is no trust.

The distance between trusting somone implicitly and trusting them most of the time is immeasurable.

Mutual respect, servanthood, empathy, and consistency instill trust.

A monocratic attitude, not practicing what you preach, trying to be liked, and lack of self-awareness erode it. And quickly.

It doesn’t take a sommelier to spot toilet bowl wine and your team is just as adept at knowing if they can trust you (and their peers).

Build trust. Fight to protect it. Stomp out doubt. Succeed.

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