What Charolettesville Can Teach Us About Our Company

And How A Organization’s Mission Defines Its People, Product, & Process

If you did not know better, you might think #BlackLivesMatter & #WhiteLivesMatter were similar. On the surface, reasonable people could easily think they have similar goals.

“Yeah, all lives matter. Makes sense.”

But of course, in reality, they are much different. One is noble and the other nefarious. One is honorable and the other horrendous.

What separates the two marketing messages to such polarizing ends of the spectrum?

The mission of the organization.

When I meet with startups and small business owners about their marketing, I often ask them about their company’s mission.

Sometimes I get a mission statement (not exactly what I am asking for). But I more commonly get a blank stare or an unoriginal quip along the lines of ‘To make money’.


Each response tells me the same thing — that the company is unoriginal. Unremarkable. It tells me they have no desire to stand out in the marketplace or to blaze a trail, rather to float in a safe, gray area that exists in the shadows of their competition.

An organization’s mission is the ethos of their company. It is the promise they make to their customers and team members. It is the promise its partners or founders make to one another. It is the one common goal every member of the organization shares and works towards. It is the lens through which all company communication (internal and external) is viewed.

Is your organization on a mission?

Equally important, does your team know its mission?

Equally important, do your customers know your mission?

Here are a few company missions that I want to join:

The Honest Co: “to build healthier, safer families”

Casper: “…want the world to sleep better”

Homage: “tell stories of triumph, individualism and hustle”

GoRuck: “build a bag that would thrive in Baghdad and New York City”

Nanit: “The baby monitor. Invented 1937. Reinvented 2017.”

I challenge you to find a single product on any of these websites that doesn’t exude their mission.

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