it flies in the face of every conflict we’ve experienced since WWII with repeated and ongoing demonstrations of the invading or oppressing force is simply managing and mitigating overwhelming failure to maintain control via military action.
Tell that to Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and all the middle eastern nations that were…
Tim Sylvester

Absolutely. It goes further back than that all the way to the Spanish fighting in the Netherlands. That was also a guerilla conflict that the Dutch had “no chance of winning” because of the overwhelming preponderance of force the Spanish had.

Unless they are willing to simply kill everyone a protracted guerilla campaign is a very serious threat for exactly the reasons you have outlined.

Whether that’s good or not, or if we want to go there is another subject. I don’t want to see that happen. You don’t. None of us do.

Maintaining the balance between the an armed government and a free people is part of preventing that from happening.

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