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Dear Anand, first I read it, then I watched it. My mom was an immigrant. Her people yell at the TV. I don’t yell at the TV. I don’t have a TV. I found myself yelling at my laptop, while you were talking on the MSNBC segment. “Preach it. Preach it loud!” I hope you can reach James. His arguments are infuriating, but maybe he’s young. He does sound immature. Maybe there’s a way across that gulf.

I have watched this awful election cycle from abroad (I left the US 15 years ago) hoping to hear some glimmer of hope or understanding from the educated sector that wasn’t condescending or simply dismissive. Something that address the cause and not … the symptom. Something not hateful.

I have found it twice here on Medium in this story and over on your news segment, and with Chris Arnade here on Medium in his story The Revolt of the Back Row kids, and his other piece on Why Trump Supporters aren’t actually all idiots. A little bit of hope goes a long way. This sort of demagoguery is a sickness, and it has to be treated, and that’s not possible without a proper diagnosis. This is good work. My thanks.

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