Kady M. writes:
Robert D Skeels rdsathene

I am very thankful for this post. Years ago I was going to California. I am now glad I didn’t. You can’t be serious. And if you are, then I pray for your swift recovery.

The cradle of racism? No. America has issues. Racist issues. But the cradle? The Caribbean is the cradle of racism. There were rich successful colonies there before the American colonies had advanced past the approach, land, die, repeat stage.

We are more like the playpen or possibly the pre-k of racism. And we are closing the ivy gap more and more every generation. So no.

A vile pit of white supremacy. No. Or to quote the lady, NONONONONONO. 
As my little brown mother used to say you wouldn’t know racial supremacy if it crawled up your pants and bit you on the ass.

You are parroting intellectual fascism. (Not real fascism, that requires the will to actually be evil in deed as well as though, this is just the thought authoritarianism of the Ctrl-left.)

Stop. Wake up, before it’s too late.

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