They did believe in the State control of the means of production.
Sceptical Meerkat

I didn’t address them as left or right wing. Their original platform of 25 points has both. Until the night of the long knives, the party had strong elements of both. Then they killed most of their leftist elements. They didn’t flip or expel them, they killed them.

What I said was that they didn’t believe in public control of the means of production. National Socialism allowed private property and the amassing of massive amounts of capital by private individuals and corporations. In peacetime their major requirement was that the capital remained in Germany if at all possible. They weren’t International Socialists.

Krupps, Messerschmitt, Porsche, Dornier, BMW, Mercedes, Bayer, AGFA, Zeiss, Thyssen, Boss, Opal, Braun, Bosch, AEG, Heinkel, Junkers, Elektrolux, International Business Machines Europe, These are just the companies I can name off the top of my head that were not owned by the state that operated in Nazi Germany.

There are hundreds more that also had to pay reparations for having used slave Labour during the war. They are all private companies, corporations and few of them were left over national corporations like the Reichsbahn which had been part of the Imperial property and later Weimar civil service.

I don’t care if we call them left or right wing. They weren’t international socialists but national socialists and they allowed the private collection, control and distribution of capital. That’s not what other socialists were doing at the time.

Towards the middle of the war they would take military control of something if they needed it for the war effort, but that wasn’t on account of ideology but necessity.

What matters is they were authoritarian. They were enemies of liberty, just like Stalinists and Maoists.

At some point left and right sort of come together when violence and totalitarianism reach a certain extreme.

Does it matter if the death squad executing you and yours are fascist or marxists?