I don’t give a damn what you call it, what the entire world is living through right now is some…
Amber Lisa

We have to give a damn what we call it. If you are sick, and it’s asthma, you don’t want it called CHF or Lung Cancer. And when you are diagnosing a problem, you need a good diagnosis.

The world is statistically right now better than it has ever been. Ever. By almost every metric we could use. The entire world is not actually living through sick inhuman shit. Only some of them. And the worst off of them, you will not hear from.

Yes. Syria is an inhuman mess. But it isn’t capitalism. It’s proxy war, religiously based civil war, and a war over resource allocation (oil pipelines, and deep water ports). There is nothing inherently peaceful about socialism or socialists. If all of the fighters in Syria both open and proxy were still Socialists, or Fascists, or Totalitarians, this would still be happening.