But the past was really different, fewer people, less connections and thus the instability was…
Amber Lisa

I hear you, but you don’t hear me. :( If you are terminally ill, then you have to act on that, and lots of things that might matter, don’t.

If you aren’t, the prescription is different.

I’m not saying things are great, let’s just rest on our laurels. I am saying that Holly saying that the west is literally ready to collapse is not accurate, and thus the prescription is not what you would want for terminal illness. We are not at the gates of collapse, we are not at the foot of nuclear war, we are not on the verge of apocalypse. That’s all horseshit alarmist media asshattery. There’s a reason all of the scariest shitty Medium stories about how it really is time to panic, and how the end is near, are now behind the paywall.

Things aren’t utopia, but it’s not the end of the world. The sky isn’t falling.

There are things that do require our attention. Some of them sooner than others.

The current system needs reform. Deciding that we are all going to die, and then switching over to a socialist dystopia is going to be as bad as what we have now.