It isn’t call-out culture that is toxic.
Ashley Fairbanks

I hear you. I’m going back and forth.

This isn’t a new issue. Vigilantism isn’t safe.

It’s a 50/50 toss up. What if they are guilty? Ok. But what if they aren’t?

But maybe safety isn’t the goal or issue. Maybe it is. But whose safety?

It used to be an ideal that 1000 guilty people should go free rather than 1 innocent person be wrongly punished. Do we still believe that or have we reversed it?

What does that look like?

1000 innocent people should be punished rather than let 1 guilty person get away?

Is that what we are doing?

What are the side effects?

We rejected the rule of the mob centuries ago.Was that a mistake?

Mobs are dumb. Literally. They can’t think. They can only destroy.

Sometimes destruction is what people want though.

Like I said, I am going back and forth, but I hear you.

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