I was following in agreement until this.
Amber Lisa

I understand. I lived all over the American South on the coastal states. I’ve visited the the Deep South. And you have to go very deep to find the kind of things you are talking about. The land that time forgot isn’t just sitting there in the open.

I’d never seen hate in the open the way it existed in Michigan and Illinois and northern Indiana. Deliverance level shit? I’ve only seen that in Detroit.

In the south they don’t talk about these issues, not openly. Not often. And you’re right that in some parts there are people who assume the old dichotomy still exists.

And there are places where it does. But again, and this isn’t good, there are places that twin the worst of the south in the north as well and Northern and Western places that exceed the south in viciousness and inbred stupidity.

And there are also good people in the south who are having none of it. Bashing on the whole region like it’s all the colour purple down there just isn’t accurate. It doesn’t help.

I ran into open racial hate in the workplace once, and the man was from California. He was a unique case as well.

I’m thankful for Marshall. He mostly always says what he means. There’s nothing wrong with that. We need more of that. Not less. Get excited. Stay excited.

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