Is Bernie Sanders A Fascist Collaborator?
Michael Tracey

Interesting that you bring this up.

I read a critique of the Inauguration Speech over at The Ringer by Bryan Curtis, the tone is hyper critical, and highlights how terrified he is of American Isolationism, but what he ignored was the content of the speech. It came from Trump, therefore it was taken for granted that everything the President said was a lie and must be opposed. Granted, the speech was missing a little something. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was that missing. But content wise, the the Presidential indictment of the ruling clique and list of American woes and concerns wasn’t wrong. In fact I couldn’t find much to fault.

The Rust Belt? It’s Rusty. 
Chicago? It’s violent. 
The Median income? It’s stagnant. 
TPP was a terrible deal. Ding Dong, be glad it’s dead.

From the ideological corner the American left has painted itself into, there is nowhere to go now. It bears repeating — If the President starts winning there are going to be a lot of highly embarrassed pundits, academics and writers out there in a few years. It’s going to be ugly. A feast of crow, so to speak.

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