On Charlottesville: What Do We Do Now?
Mirah Curzer

This is America in 2017.

That’s like having a really infected toenail and saying „This is my body in 2017."

So it’s not America, not all of it. And it was a meta-rally. So all of these types from all over the country were supposed to gather in one place.

How many were there? The Tiki Torch march according to Vox was only a hundred or so people. Looked like more of course, camera angles and editors pick the shots we see.

The appearance of more sadly worked for the rally organizers and our hyperbole addicted media. But even if it’s 3 or 4 hundred, if that’s most of the prominent visitors to hate-con 2017, then the country of 400 million isn’t doing so badly.

“This is America now” comes off as a bit dramatic. It isn’t America now. It’s part of it. Not the whole. And only a temporary part.

this weekend you saw what white America is capable of

You have got to be kidding. White America? 200 idiots with tiki torches cosplaying faux vikings isn’t White America.

And you are white. This weekend we saw what racist wingnuts and identitarian activists are capable of, and that’s it. Are you capable of that? Are your friends? Your family? That’s also white America. Being an ally isn’t like a magic spray tan. You’re still part of white America.

You might say “Nope, the klan says I am not because I am Jewish.” When did we start listening to them? When it’s convenient? We don’t listen to the klan. Fuck them. Hitler said German Jews weren’t German. Was he right? No. He was an asshole. Fuck him too.

I get that this is a rallying call. But for who? For what? You’ve indicted half the country based on the actions of far less than a full battalion.

We absolutely shouldn’t watch that poor girl get killed, watching that is part of the sickness. The person who did that needs to suffer the full punishment for murder. We don’t need to see her die.

Your argument strongly implies that his actions are the responsibility of everyone who shares his skin color and background. Does that work for every killer, everyone who uses a gun, or a truck or car, or themselves for violence? Really?

Would this work in France too? When Nice was attacked would you have supported the sentence “This is what muslim France is capable of.” The next stray bullet in a black American neighborhood that kills a child? Will you call that „What Black America is capable of? I doubt it. Your brush here is too broad by far.