We Need New Pro-Life Leadership
James Landis

Thanks for writing. I ended up with more questions than answers.

Isn’t this making the best result the enemy of a good result?

Is that excusable when we are talking about life and death?

Aren’t we talking about life and death?

Aren’t we talking about protecting the rights of the unborn?

How much compromise is allowed there?

Is it fair to say that since he’s in office now and will be in office for four more years that he has to be judged by what he does there?

Can that be said without apologizing for his campaign?

How much of the campaign to we get to judge him personally by?

How many promises that he made does he have to fulfull before we can decide that everything he says might not be a lie?

Do we have to make the best of it? Or take the easy path of most resistance?

What if he couldn’t have won the campaign without his outrageous behavior and brawling tactics?

Does that mean Hillary was preferable?

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