It took the entire might of the GOP, the Koch brothers, James Comey and the KGB to beat Hillary.
Richard Bottoms

It did take quite a bit of effort to beat Hillary. In the end her ghosts strangled her. What put the nail in her coffin was the working class staying home.

The amount by which she lost other states other than California is ridiculous. Michigan was lost by .3%. Wisconsin was lost by 1%. Pennsylvania? 1.2% Florida? 1.2%.

I don’t care what color the President is, or what he appears to be. 3 million popular votes means nothing when the votes are counted by State result. And those states were lost by a ridiciulously small amount. Even bringing it up like it means something is nonsense.

Suckers? You mean anyone who didn’t want Trump who stayed home? Particularly those who want to protest and complain about it after the fact?

Damn right.

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