How America Spreads the Disease that is Racism by not Confronting Racist Family Members and Friends
April Harter, LCSW

Mental Illness is not though pathologically contagious. It is unrealistic to imply that it will spread like a pathogen.

And racism isn’t like a mental illness is many ways. You can in theory convince someone to be not racist. (Possibly not according to Nyhan and Reifler. )You cannot talk someone out of being bi-polar.

As for your chart, I understand your intent, but I would never expect anyone to turn their agency over like the right (supposed ultimate non racist) side of the chart. I wouldn’t trust someone as an ally who was that servile.

The line of mental health is a balancing act between selfishness and selflessness. Someone on the right side of that chart wouldn’t be displaying proper balance. That doesn’t mean the left side is healthy or right. It rather implies that the chart is faulty.

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