There is a line of thinking that, qualitatively, a greater proportion of the human population more…
Chadwick R.

Most interesting read. Thank you. I don’t agree with entire thing either. It’s got a lot of holes the largest being the difference in life expectancies.

26 pre -agriculture, to 19 post-agriculture by average to the modern life expectancy of 78 years (American). And although the life of the Kalahari Bushmen is toted as an example, their life expectancy is between 40 and 45 years and their health actually isn’t very good.

The bushmen’s diet and relaxed lifestyle have prevented most of the stress-related diseases of the western world. Bushmen health, in general, is not good though: 50% of children die before the age of 15; 20% die within their first year (mostly of gastrointestinal infections). Average life expectancy is about 45–50 years; respiratory infections and malaria are the major reasons for death in adults. Only 10% become older than 60 years.

There is though absolutely no reason not to apply what we could take from it.

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