The new majority is the new party
Mike Meyer

No. This is not the answer. We should not ignore any citizens of the United States or the people in their care. We should strive for policies that are good for the nation. Policies do exist that do not require ignoring any part of the electorate. The PoC part of me, does not require this kind of sacrifice of my fellow citizens, nor do I see it as good for the nation in the long run.

There is a sickness at the heart of saying “We’ll just forget these folks exist so we can get stuff done. Not because we hate them, just because they are in the way. We’ll just disregard them because it’s expedient and practical. There are more of these other folks, so we’ll concentrate on them….”

We have heard that all before. For Shame.

No sir. Your answer is not correct. No. Absolutely not.

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