I am not a lampshade.
Marisa Kabas

No. You are not a lampshade. Good on you for fighting back. Well done for winning the round.

Just be aware of one thing for your next sortie and be aware that I haven’t read your tweet. When dealing with revisionists -neonazis- etc. please only use facts that we can prove. When you post that maybe it was more than 6 million by some estimates you open the doors to them. Right now the best numbers we have are 6.2 million jews, 6 million others. That’s what we can prove beyond any reasonable doubt. through scholarship that has been sifting through the records since the 1950's. We don’t need one death more than what we can substantiate. It was bad enough the way it was. When we go beyond what we can prove, they hit back and that damages our credibility. This is what they want. Always stick to the coldest of facts and you will win every round.

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