The entire Democratic Party Leadership must change.
Wil Wheaton

On the one hand, yes, they must. Well said. That would be good. But they need to change for the right reasons. They need to deal with the reasons that the our Party failed the American people. Hillary failed. The DNC failed. The rank and file that didn’t revolt at the rigged primary failed. They need to admit their failure and the reasons for it. I’m not seeing that.

Just swapping out people who still believe the same tired policies are actually working (they aren’t) isn’t going to work.

Look at your story here. You’re posting Reich’s prescription for chopping off heads, which in itself is partially right, days after you personally attacked a dude you don’t actually know, for saying the same things in a way you didn’t like and for being someone you don’t like. Even though you don’t know the dude.

And Holy Shit, is Robert Reich not a poster boy for privilege? Privilege is bad, right? That was your point before wasn’t it? Why are you not nailing Reich’s balls to a stump and handing him a hacksaw? You like his background better? He was the Labor Secretary during the Clinton Administrations capping the Reagan and Bush Era Deregulatory Push. And that series of repeals was the penultimate stop on the train to the great recession. How’s that for a pedigree? Or is it that he’s ok despite his faults because he didn’t vote third party? Lapinsky’s piece wasn’t kind, but good medicine often isn’t. It doesn’t have to be.

The Democrats didn’t just run a bad candidate, they ran a bad platform, and economically have been doing so for years. There is an awful reckoning that is going to have to come first before the party can really rebuild itself. Hitting bottom isn’t enough. Waking up in an alley smelling like booze, vomit and corporate donations isn’t enough if the answer is let’s change clothes ,get washed off and do it again. The party has to admit that it’s hit bottom. That’s when things get better.

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