…and a massive distraction, hopefully not disingenuous.

Only government can legally censor. When private entities do it it's called suppression or PR. And my response was neither disingenuous nor a distraction. It has already been an issue. Take Girls's first season. Dunham purposefully excluded characters of colour becauae of her lack of experience and inability under exactly this paradigm to write in characters of colour. On the one hand no appropriation. On the other hand actors of colour and viewers of colour were excluded from full participation in that show. And the show was heavily criticized for the exclusion. That's the result of creative segregation. The reduction to absurdity has already happened. And it's lose -lose.

I also wonder if the publishing industry gives a whit about homogenization. They care about money. That's their incentive. And that leads to evil enough outcomes without that they care to protect white supremacy or to project homogenization.