It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

Presidents don’t get to pick their successor. We do.

They don’t get a legacy that we have to protect. They have to earn a legacy through action.

The Sanders I saw during the election didn’t get “indignant and desperate” as the primary went on. That’s not true. He fought harder. He kept his dignity the entire time.

Sanders had his finger on the pulse of what America wanted. This was the same thing that put Obama in the White House. Hillary didn’t. If she did, she didn’t say it.

“Disillusioned refuse” “Stupid followers” “insipid little extremist morons” is horrendous language to use. If you are unable to empathize, then be aware that this is what the winners of the election think of you.

This kind of pain that is driving you now is what they felt. On the one hand, ameliorating pain should be a goal. But politics is a knife fight. Someone is going to bleed at the end.

I’m sorry you are so busted up about it. But you are barking at the wrong tree. Your position comes from a bubble in which Obama did everything right and well. And that Hillary was a sterling candidate. He didn’t and wasn’t. Neither was she. Sanders isn’t to blame. Blame Hillary. Blame the DNC and the party bosses and the media that lied to you from day one. Don’t blame the one politician the country has had in a century who actually tried to do the right thing.

Since 2011 the worker portion of the GNP has been nothing. 0. That means that since President Obama’s third year in office, the working class has recieved none of the recovery. None of it. In this, in supporting the TPP, in continuing the outsourcing of some possible growth, and the sheperding of the rest away from the middle class, his legacy if he even had one, is one that certainly deserves to be repudiated by the working class.

I am sorry though, that you are hurting. And I swear, if I could help I would. It’s a painful time for a lot of people right now. Be well.

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