DACA: a tale of white mediocrity and immigrant resilience.
Leonina Arismendi žarković

So you wrote a trolling piece (no piece that’s so hostile could be anything else.)

Your responses have trolled you back. Grand.

Now that that’s done. And you and anyone who took the bait are covered in poop, what is the point of your story or your attitude?

As an example compared to other dreamers you haven’t done the most with your opportunities.. You ditched class and dropped out of high-school. You dropped out of college. You had two children before your education was finished. You became dependent on the social welfare system. You gave up and took the worst road possible throwing your opportunities out of the window. This doesn’t make you less than human. It is though, what it is, and it is, what you did.

I know, because certainly before you were even born (minus the children) I did the same thing. Give up. Drop out. Blame everyone, except me.

Now you want to take advantage of another American maxim, “It’s never too late.” Go back to school, work hard, take a second chance and really win this time. Bootstraps, bootstraps, bootstraps.

That I can applaud. You deserve support, and a chance. Maybe even two chances. It really is never too late. God bless America.

But that maxim, didn’t descend from on high. It wasn’t gifted only to marginalised people by revelation.

It came from Americans. It’s part of the culture, which was developed by us and our people.

People who have been developing the culture since the 18th century. (The good and the bad, let’s be honest, we have many faults and made many mistakes)

Americans of all stripes made America. Many of whom you treat so disparagingly in your story. So disparagingly that I would never use this kind of story to choose an ally to bring us into the future. I want to win. Not have a temper tantrum. So far you haven’t been so good at winning. But there are second and third chances for those who want to try. I believe.


If you want to join us, and you hate us, or any part of us, then why would we let you? And that’s the key. You want to be on the team? It helps if you don’t hate the team. We are the ones who decide, through our government whether you can come, or whether you can stay.

We. The People. Not just those white people who you seem to have so much beef with. All of us. Not you. You decide to apply to join. We decide to let you.

That’s harsh at the end of the day. It also is what it is

These days the team seems in total disarray. Some of them want to break it all down and start over, some of them think everything is fine. It’s still ours.

All of us, black, brown, red, white, yellow, olive.

My issue with your story, and I have one, is that is not trying to bring the team together. It’s not a message of hope. It’s an empty message for trolling. It’s not even helpful to you, because you dodge responsibility for what you did to yourself. Just like I did, a long time ago. Until you take responsibility for what sank the boat in the first place, the next will also founder.

I emigrated from the US 15 years ago From the Cass Corridor in Detroit to Germany. I left the US and ended up with residency overseas. The city where I settled is a pretty good place to live. University is affordable. Social Insurance Model Health Care is superior to Single Payer. There are a slew of other things to recommend it. Nature, Good Schools, relatively clean air, extremely low crime, etc. That’s not why I came though, or why I stayed.

Germany also has Turks, Greeks Afghans and Vietnamese, Iranians, Indians and South Africans. There are plenty of other people besides the Germans to make it an extremely diverse place for Europe. Diversity is great. That’s not why I stayed.

IF I didn’t actually like the Germans, then I wouldn’t have any standing to have come here and stayed here. This was their country, when I came. They had their rules, their language, their norms, their culture. If I wanted to sit in their dugout, I had to play by their rules. If I hated them, why bother?

In fact, if I hated them then living here would drive me insane. University, and Healthcare, and all the rest wouldn’t be worth living in a country where I despise the majority of the people.

It’s not legitimate to only move to a country because of educational, or financial, or any other opportunities when you clearly hate the majority of the population.

This is an issue for you, that you’ll have to work through if you are going to fight to stay and make the most of it.

If you are getting into a life long relationship with America, then you don’t do that for money or benefit, and then crap all over everything when that doesn’t materialise, especially if you haven’t given 100%. You haven’t. You told us you haven’t.

You get into a life long relationship with America because you are committed to the idea, committed to the people of the country, (all of them, whitey included) and the way of life, to the culture, to the ideals. Also it helps if you like big fucking eagles.

FREEEEDOOOOOM! Copyright Robert O’Toole Fotography 2014

All of those things? They aren’t compatible with hating the majority of the team, keep this shit up and you will never find your way. Obviously the same message goes for the team too, because a house divided against itself cannot stand.

You have had two children here. I don’t believe in anchor babies as a term or that children born here somehow don’t belong. They are legitimately ours, like anyone else born on our soil. They were born here. For their sake, I hope you do find your way, so they can have the opportunities that are their birthright.

Good luck.

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