Why India does not fear patriotism and nationalism (unlike the West)

Thank you for your article. Patriotism is not feared in the west. The West includes America and Canada. Patriotism isn’t an issue in those countries. Northern Europe certainly has issues with it. Northern Europe isn’t all of the West.

And Nationalism isn’t simply synomymous with Patriotism. Nationalism is an extreme form of love of your country which includes hatred of other countries and or a feeling of the superiority of your own to all others. If Patriotism is a proper love of one’s country, then Nationalism is a destructive narcissism.

Loving one’s country is similar to properly loving one’s self. It requires selfishness and selflessness is proper measure: not equal balance but a proper ratio in correct timing. Self loathing cannot be what we teach our children in order to maintain our nations. In the west, where this has occured, it was a mistake. But an honest critique helps to solve problems. This cannot occur in a Nationalist framework. This is why Nationalism is often looked upon in the West as a bad idea. It’s a form of blindness and an assumed superiority. It is a bad idea.

There is though no reason why an Indian can’t be patriotic, or shouldn’t be. India is young. The civilization is older of course, but India isn’t the whole civilization. Pakistan is also part of that Civilzation. Nationalism amd Patriotism make admiting and dealing with that difficult, demonstrating the complexity of dealing with either. The partition was not so long ago. There is unfortunately time and room for India to make all the same mistakes that other nations have made. Nationalism will increase that risk. Beware.

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