A letter to “open minded, genuinely kind, educated, willing to listen and learn white assholes” out…
Saadia Muzaffar

We wouldn’t wish the racist/xenophobic/Islamophobic systems that shadow our existence, upon our sworn enemies. This shit is vile.

The desire for revenge is natural. Here’s one example from the Medium neighborhood. The idiot white teens in the story don’t get a beat down or shot, and the crowd and Chloe Green are furious. Yes, of course they are furious because they believe that black teens would have been beaten or shot. (Statistical analysis leans towards beaten) But they are also furious that the white teens weren’t. The lack of a beat down, shooting or arrest, is seen as a failure of the black mother and family in the story to protect her children and the failure of the police to protect the children. This leaves us wondering what would have been a success? There isn’t much left than the police manhandling and beating all the suspects and taking them into custody. (The suspects were cheeky morons and deserved arrest in my opinion, for the record.)

That makes sense. If you are always getting a beat down from on high, and someone else isn’t, when they do, it feels like a small victory, even if it’s a little bit or a lotta bit wicked. Schadenfreude is the handmaiden of N_mesis. You might not feel this way. Maybe you are a good person. I think you might actually be. But you’d be the exception in this day and age. :(

Your discomfort is also of no value to us

This may be true. May be appropriate. But it doesn’t go with “the Belief that all humans should be treated with equal respect.” If you respect someone, their discomfort should matter even if they are wrong.

In terms of equal respect these kinds of cultural interactions might have to be perilously negotiated, if they are going to occur in a framework of equal human dignity for everyone. Maybe. But you aren’t asking for a negotiation, certainly not an equal one. No one is. That might not be a problem, but it is the case.

I took from your story that due to circumstance, that some people’s narrative might just take precedence over others. That is what you are saying when you say

Shut up and take everything we say about our lived experiences, EVERYTHING, as the godamned gospel and truth, and sit down and ask yourselves HOW you have been a part of perpetrating these systems that are killing us fast (guns) and slow (affecting our mental and physical health, our ability to work and provide for our families because poverty is fucking expensive).

Shut up. Sit down. Accept your guilt. You don’t get an arraignment. You don’t get to participate. You are guilty. Take it. Take it all. In the face.

It’s possible that we aren’t getting out of this with everyone’s human dignity or equal respect intact. Some people. I won’t say who, might have to give a little or a lot more than they are going to get. That might not be bad. It is the case. That’s not equal. Maybe it shouldn’t be. Maybe that’s ok. Calling it equal doesn’t work. It isn’t.

Hearing “I hate men” shouldn’t make men stop being feminist. Hearing “fuck white people” shouldn’t make white people stop opposing racism. Our beliefs shouldn’t be conditional on…

The idea that we should just be good for good’s own sake is nice. But we already decided that we don’t give a shit about nice. We care about what is real. And human nature seems to have some good in there, and some self interest, and some bad as well. And “I hate men” is not a way to motivate men to fight for equality for women. “Fuck those white assed motherfuckers” is not going to motivate those folks who may or may not be motherfuckers to suppress their narratives and listen and give. You aren’t saying it should, I know. But you didn’t note that while maybe it shouldn’t turn people against equality, it sure as motherfucking hell is not going to turn them towards equality, not by a damn sight. And let’s be honest. It shouldn’t turn them away somehow, but it will. And maybe that’s also normal. Not good. Just normal. our beliefs are conditioned by our experiences.

Asking someone to keep the faith in an ideal while absuing them is asking too much. Like asking them to be good for its own sake with no reward. It’s like asking them to hold up the world on their own. And yes, I know this cuts all ways. It’s why I said it.

Thanks for the read.

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