Will Germany fill the void?
Sam Alvis

The Germans spend enough. They spend it carefully. The UK and the US spend „enough“ but their universities are pay to learn. The are subsidized but cost tens of thousands of pounds to attend. It’s apples and oranges. The German university is open to qualified applicants for a very small amount.

It would be a shame to see the somewhat austere Germans completely seduced by the consumerism that grips and drives the US and UK.

And speaking of the US and the U.K. The have grand expensive Uni systems, but they themselves aren’t doing so well. Maybe they need to spend less or more carefully.

The Economist has been on the Germans to up domestic consumption for decades. It must infuriate them the Germans haven’t come to the trough.

When people become the product we lose. People are looking to Germany because for now at least their model works. Why suggest changes that clearly don’t really work in other countries?

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