I’d rather have a tinge of alarmism about holding on to what matters in the U.S.
Daniel Tasripin

The strength of American institutions vs. Weimar institutions is not comparable except as a contrast. The take over and then Gleichschaltung was achieved by 1934. The Nuremburg laws followed soon after. Every insitutional “obstacle” to the Nazis crumbled like dust. The camp system was not a “slow trickle.” Hitler was appointed on March 3, 1933. The first of the major concentration camps, Dachau was opened on the 22nd of the same month in 1933. The US will prove more resilient.

But resilient to what? The goals of the Trump administration are not to remake the United States, the way Hitler wanted to remake Germany. Trump is not an idealogue. Hitler was a National-Socialist Totalitarian Right Wing Populist. Trump is a populist.

But who is being cavalier? On the one hand: The country has “endured” 16 years of the Patriot Act with nary a whisper. The increase of police surveillance at multiple levels of public and private life. Extra judicial orders to kill from the executive. The militarization of the police. An extra national prison that is barely within the judiciary’s control at all. The time to not be cavalier with our rights is almost 2 decades past. Why now? Holding on to what matters has been leaving the building since President Reagan.

On the other hand, the amount of political will displayed by the Republicans in obstructing Obama’s administration for the last 8 years shows the strength of the institutions in question. It also shows the possiblity that resisting the executive through “normal” channels is certainly possible. Trump is certainly stirring up the political will.

And hysterics just distract. So alarmism? Not even a tinge. You need a diagnosis first before you can be passionate about the treatment. And panic has no place in a diagnostic.

“If you think Trump will be better than that, fine.”

What I said was, the US isn’t Weimar. 1933 is possible anywhere. But the conditions would need to match. It’s not a singular disease, it’s a syndrome, which is many different diseases present in a specific context. If you don’t meet all the criteria then you don’t have the syndrome, and treating the syndrome isn’t going to work if that’s not the case.

Executive Orders are not Notverordnung. Or so we’ve been told the last 8 years.

Or to put it another way, Lung Cancer is bad. Pneumonia is bad. Both are diseases. Treatment for one isn’t the appropriate treatment for the other. Trump isn’t Hitler. America isn’t Weimar Germany.

Our problems are our own. Our solutions must be our own.

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