Twenty Lessons of the Twentieth Century for Trump’s America
Timothy Snyder

The United States is not structurally similar enough to Weimar Germany to invite anything more than the shallowest and most meaningless of comparisons. Although at the Dachau Memorial for one example, we do teach that 1933 can happen anywhere, it comes with the caveat that the country, the people, the context, have to resemble 1933. The US does not resemble Weimar Germany. US institutions are strong, although heavily weighted GOP for now and until the midterms. Trump only resembles Hitler in that he is a populist. Other comparisons fall flat. There is no SS. No SA. There are no paramilitaries operating with impunity. No Great Depression. No Notverordnung Authority. No Head of State like Hindenburg. No Reichstags Fire. Unless we allow that 9/11 was the US version and the Patriot Act our Notverordnung. In which case we have had 16 years of it already, passed by a GOP administration and then maintained by a Democratic one.

The US has issues and challenges to meet. One of them is apparently how to stop believing its out of control media hype.

Crying wolf is counter productive in the long run. Cold facts support a narrative better and for longer.

This is a panic piece and you will be ashamed of it in 8 years. That doesn't mean the GOP is going to do well or should be allowed to push their platform. If they have good ideas: support. If they try and betray the nation: oppose. But an opposition with sobriety, seriousness, care, and above all with our dignity.

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