You call the American Dream a ‘lottery ticket’ and in some senses it is.
Roy Murray

There is nothing more inherently democratic about Germany or France than the United States. Sweden especially not. The European states (one of which I live in to be fair) have far more power and influence over their citizen’s daily lives than the current crop of Americans could tolerate. Full stop. They are in a certain sense, freer, in that you are free from things, as oppossed to free to do certain things, but that has nothing to do with their actual level of democracy, which is fair to middling and complicated by a super national EU that doesn’t really answer to anyone. So no. Are people happy here. Sure. Satisfied? Mostly, in some of the states at least. Free to pursue their interests? Yes. More in control of the governments? More Democratic? Not in a way that’s more democratic than the US. Not really.

The lottery ticket analogy holds. It’s not though as bad as you make it out to be, in terms of people’s discontent motivating them to do anything. No revolution will be necessary or even possible at the current state.

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