Persecution Envy
Sarah Cooper

“ Because it sure seems like they desperately want to be seen as a persecuted minority.”

Very Insightful. Especially the use of “seem.”

There is a socialological theory from Campbell & Manning, published in 2014, prepublication version here. Grounded in Donald Black’s theories of conflict and deviance. Campbell and Manning talk about the move from different types of cultures such as dignity and honor cultures to a victimhood culture.

Boiled down ridiculously, in a culture of victimhood, being dominant, is the higher form of non-violent aggression, and victimhood is claimed as a way of establishing high status in one on one arguments, and especially as a way of rallying or leveraging support from third parties.

The trick is to not actually be disadvantaged, but to still be able to claim the disadvantage. Those who have the actual disadvantage aren’t really ever heard from, because they have little means of being heard. And once the benefits of being able to rally mass amounts of third party support are seen, the dominant, continue to dominate by co-opting victimhood as an advantage.