We needn’t be exactly like Nazi Germany for an American-flavored authoritarian government to make…
Bob Jacobson

We would need to be like Weimar first, before we were like Nazi Germany. We would need to be like Tsarist Russia to then become like the early Soviet Union. We would need to be like conquered and colonized Imperial China to become post Civil War Mao’s China. The list goes on. We are not like any of those places, we are like us. Our problems must be our solutions.

Seeing and averting danger or identifying and meeting challenges does not require panic. In fact panic prevents success in most cases. If you want to panic, go ahead.

to make our democracy unrecognizable and unrecoverable.

We have a Republic. It’s currently functioning as a Republic that leans strongly oligarchic and plutocratic. It has been for years. Its institutions are showing a lot of vigor. Used to obstruct, but vigourously. And would the Founders recognize it? Probably not. Should we dial it back to 1787?

Presidents come and go. They can do much less than we assume. The Congress is controlled by the GOP and has a much stronger nationwide mandate. That’s easy to see if you aren’t panicking. They have far more of a chance of making a lasting imprint on the next 100 years of the US. They aren’t fascist, or fascist like. They aren’t Trump or Trumpian. They are far more dangerous if you aren’t in their corner, and no one is paying any attention. That’s what’s dangerous my friend. All this hyperbole from the academic side is a distraction. And it’s not even good academic work. It’s bunk.

Sanders did say this correctly. If the right have good ideas: support. If they try and betray the nation: oppose. With vigour. But as I mentioned it needs to be an opposition with sobriety, seriousness, care, and above all with our dignity.

Do. Not. Panic.

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